• From the River to the Sea: A Colouring Book

  • Illustrated by South African-based artist Nathi Ngubane

  • Activity book provides an introduction to the story of Palestine for children

  • Illustrations inspired by murals around the world 

  • Suggested age group 6-10 years 

  • Author & Illustrator Nathi Ngubane is available for artist workshops for children

  • All Proceeds will be donated to Penny Appeal South Africa’s Palestine Projects

Social Bandit Media is proud to announce the publication of a new title on Palestine: “From the River to the Sea: A Colouring Book”.

From the River to the Sea is an educational coloring book that provides a gateway into the story of Palestine. Through a series of stunning illustrations, Soweto-based Nathi Ngubane tackles the injustice of the Nakba, delves into the history and culture of the land, and introduces young readers to the key concepts driving and sustaining the Palestinian resistance.

The book also provides space for young readers to produce their own murals and show their support for Palestine.

“I created this activity book with the aim of educating children in South Africa and worldwide about the history of Palestine, the culture of Palestinian people and their flora and fauna,” Ngubane said.

”The current situation in Gaza is heart-wrenching. Every day, I follow the news to keep myself updated on the ongoing events, such as the Israeli military strikes that are causing severe injuries, destruction to homes and deaths to thousands of children.”

“Many of us feel helpless and wish we could do something to help,” Ngubane added.

“I am hoping that by the end of this book, children will be more informed about the devastating situation that children their age are facing in Gaza.

Furthermore, I hope to encourage children to express their support and solidarity with Palestine by creating their own murals,” Ngubane added.

The activity book is the latest collaboration between Ngubane and Social Bandit Media, an experimental media project based between Johannesburg and New York City.

Social Bandit Media seeks to challenge mainstream narratives and serves as timely interventions in moments of crisis.

Social Bandit Media will be partnering with Penny Appeal South Africa to get copies of the books to learners in South Africa.

The book will be released in select South African bookstores on February 15, 2024.

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Title: From the River To The Sea: A Colouring Book

Author: Nathi Ngubane

ISBN: 978-0-7961-4833-9

pages: 40

About Nathi Ngubane:

Nathi Ngubane is a South African-based writer and illustrator. He grew up in Chesterville, a small township in Durban, KZN. After graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design from The Durban University of Technology, he landed his first freelance gig as a political cartoonist for The Daily Vox. In 2015, he was approached by The Citizen News with a position in political cartooning. In 2018, he resigned to focus on his brand, Think Ahead Comix.

His first children’s book, “Duma Says: Wash your hands, wear a mask!” was published in 2020, followed by “Duma Says: Let’s Live!”, a collector’s edition with two more stories in the series. In August 2021, he released his latest book in the series titled “Duma Says: Your ABCs to Good Health”. His work has been featured in Al Jazeera, BBC, Daily Maverick, New Frame & others.

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